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The cover of the first Case Closed tankobon, released in Japan by Shogakukan on June 18, 1994.

Case Closed, known as Meitantei Conan (名探偵 コナン, Detective Conan) in Japan, is written by Gosho Aoyama and serialized in Weekly Shōnen Sunday. The series began its serialization in 1994. Shogakukan later collects these chapters in tankōbon bound volumes. Viz Media licenses the Case Closed manga for an English adaptation in North America. Several adaptations based on Case Closed have been made including the anime series and thirteen featured films, with the fourteenth slated for release during the spring of 2010. Shogakukan has collected 707 chapters into 67 tankōbon in Japan. The first volume was released on June 18, 1994, and volume 67 was released on February 18, 2010. In addition, ani-manga tankōbon based on the Case Closed films have been released by Shogakukan, each movie cut into two parts. Viz Media released 33 volumes of the English adaptation of the manga, with volume 1 released on September 7, 2004, and volume 33 released on January 19, 2010. Viz continued to release the series bimonthly until January 2010, after which, it has switched to trimonthly.

Volume ListEdit

No. About Released
Cover German Cover Keyhole Side
01 165px-Jap Band01 165px-Band01 120px-Keyhole 1
02 165px-Jap Band02 165px-Band02 120px-Keyhole 2
03 165px-Jap Band03 165px-Band03 Detectiveconan v034 001
04 165px-Jap Band04 165px-Band04 Detectiveconan v048 001
05 165px-Jap Band05 165px-Band05 Detectiveconan v058 001
06 165px-Jap Band06 165px-Band06 Detectiveconan v068 001
07 165px-Jap Band07 165px-Band07 Detectiveconan v078 001
08 165px-Jap Band08 165px-Band08 Detectiveconan v088 001
09 165px-Jap Band09 165px-Band09 120px-Keyhole 9
10 165px-Jap Band10 165px-Band10 120px-Keyhole 10