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The cover of the first Case Closed tankobon, released in Japan by Shogakukan on June 18, 1994.

Case Closed, known as Meitantei Conan (名探偵 コナン, Detective Conan) in Japan, is written by Gosho Aoyama and serialized in Weekly Shōnen Sunday. The series began its serialization in 1994. Shogakukan later collects these chapters in tankōbon bound volumes. Viz Media licenses the Case Closed manga for an English adaptation in North America. Several adaptations based on Case Closed have been made including the anime series and thirteen featured films, with the fourteenth slated for release during the spring of 2010. Shogakukan has collected 707 chapters into 67 tankōbon in Japan. The first volume was released on June 18, 1994, and volume 67 was released on February 18, 2010. In addition, ani-manga tankōbon based on the Case Closed films have been released by Shogakukan, each movie cut into two parts. Viz Media released 33 volumes of the English adaptation of the manga, with volume 1 released on September 7, 2004, and volume 33 released on January 19, 2010. Viz continued to release the series bimonthly until January 2010, after which, it has switched to trimonthly.

Volume ListEdit

Volume 1 t/ 10Edit

No. About Released
Cover German Cover Japanese English
01 165px-Jap Band01 165px-Band01
02 165px-Jap Band02 165px-Band02
03 165px-Jap Band03 165px-Band03
04 165px-Jap Band04 165px-Band04
05 165px-Jap Band05 165px-Band05
06 165px-Jap Band06 165px-Band06
07 165px-Jap Band07 165px-Band07
08 165px-Jap Band08 165px-Band08
09 165px-Jap Band09 165px-Band09
10 165px-Jap Band10 165px-Band10

Volumes 11/20Edit

No. About Released
Cover German Cover Japanese English
11 165px-Jap Band11 165px-Band11
12 165px-Jap Band12 165px-Band12
13 165px-Jap Band13 165px-Band13
14 165px-Jap Band14 165px-Band14
15 165px-Jap Band15 165px-Band15
16 165px-Jap Band16 165px-Band16
17 165px-Jap Band17 165px-Band17
18 165px-Jap Band18 165px-Band18
19 165px-Jap Band19 165px-Band19
20 165px-Jap Band20 165px-Band20

Volumes 21/30Edit

No. About Released
Cover German Cover Japanese English
21 165px-Jap Band21 165px-Band21
22 165px-Jap Band22 165px-Band22
23 165px-Jap Band23 165px-Band23
24 165px-Jap Band24 165px-Band24
25 165px-Jap Band25 165px-Band25
26 165px-Jap Band26 165px-Band26
27 165px-Jap Band27 165px-Band27
28 165px-Jap Band28 165px-Band28
29 165px-Jap Band29 165px-Band29
30 165px-Jap Band30 165px-Band30

Volume 31/40Edit

No. About Information
Cover German Cover Japanese English
31 165px-Jap Band31 165px-Band31
32 165px-Jap Band32 165px-Band32
33 165px-Jap Band33 165px-Band33
34 165px-Jap Band34 165px-Band34
35 165px-Jap Band35 165px-Band35
36 165px-Jap Band36 165px-Band36
37 165px-Jap Band37 165px-Band37
38 165px-Jap Band38 165px-Band38
39 165px-Jap Band39 165px-Band39
40 165px-Jap Band40 165px-Band40

Volume 41/50Edit

No. About Information
Cover German Cover Japanese English
41 165px-Jap Band41 165px-Band41
42 165px-Jap Band42 165px-Band42
43 165px-Jap Band43 165px-Band43
44 165px-Jap Band44 165px-Band44
45 165px-Jap Band45 165px-Band45
46 165px-Jap Band46 165px-Band46
47 165px-Jap Band47 165px-Band47
48 165px-Jap Band48 165px-Band48
49 165px-Jap Band49 165px-Band49
50 165px-Jap Band50 165px-Band50

Volumes 51/68Edit

No. About Released
Cover German Cover Japanese English
51 165px-Jap Band51 165px-Band51
52 165px-Jap Band52 165px-Band52
53 165px-Jap Band53 165px-Band53
54 165px-Jap Band54 165px-Band54
55 165px-Jap Band55 165px-Band55
56 165px-Jap Band56 165px-Band56
57 165px-Jap Band57 165px-Band57
58 165px-Jap Band58 165px-Band58
59 165px-Jap Band59 165px-Band59
60 165px-Jap Band60 165px-Band60
61 165px-Jap Band61 165px-Band61
62 165px-Jap Band62 165px-Band62
63 165px-Jap Band63 165px-Band63
64 165px-Jap Band64 165px-Band64
65 165px-Jap Band65 165px-Band65
66 165px-Jap Band66 165px-Band66
67 165px-Jap Band67 150px-Band67
68 165px-Jap Band68

Under Shönen SundayEdit


The cover of the 12th Detective Conan Movie!!

Jimmy Kudo, a 17-year-old high school prodigy and detective who frequently worked with the police, was attacked by two members of a mysterious crime syndicate while investigating a case regarding blackmail. He was then forced to take a newly developed experimental poison that was supposed to kill him, but due to a rare side-effect unknown to the two men, the drug transformed his body back into that of his seven-year-old self instead, after they left him for dead. In order to hide his identity and investigate the whereabouts of the syndicate, which he later finds out is called the Black Organization, he adopts the pseudonym Conan Edogawa. To search for leads to the syndicate, he manages to move in with his childhood friend Rachel Moore, whose father, Richard Moore, works as a private investigator. He also enrolls at Teitan elementary school and forms the Junior Detective League with three other children in his class; Amy Yoshida, Mitch Tsuburaya, and George Kojima. Even as Conan, Jimmy continues solving criminal cases, usually posing as Richard Moore with the help of special gadgets, invented by his neighboor and friend, Dr. Agasa. Richard Moore, a rather inept detective, is bewildered at the sudden rise in his case-solving abilities, but does not question this as he is more than glad about his subsequent rise in fame.

Later in the series, another main character, Anita Hailey, appears. A former member of the Black Organization, codenamed "Sherry", she is actually Shiho Miyano, a gifted chemist who developed the poison APTX 4869 which turned Jimmy back into a child. After her sister was brutally murdered by members of the Black Organization, she tried to get out and was held captive. She then attempted to commit suicide by taking a dose of APTX 4869, but instead was transformed into a child as well, and managed to escape from them.[6] She then enrolled in Conan's school under the pseudonym Anita Hailey. She knows Conan's true identity and helps him in his quest to bring down the Black Organization.

Later on, Conan becomes involved with the American FBI, and they are able to capture Kir, a member of the Black Organization. Kir is later revealed to be an undercover CIA agent, and promises to relay information about the Black Organization to the FBI. They return Kir to the organization. Later, she tells the FBI that the Black Organization has a new member codenamed Bourbon.


719. "Request from the Bottom of a Lake" (沼底からの依頼, Numazoko kara no irai)
720. "The Kappa's Curse" (河童の呪い, Kappa no noroi)
721. "The True Identity of the Kappa" (河童の正体, Kappa no shōtai)
722. "Steam Murder" (湯けむりの殺人, Yukemuri no satsujin)
723. "Locked Room on the Lake" (湖上の密室, Kojō no misshitsu)
724. "An Eye for an Eye" (目には目を, Me ni wa me o)
725. "White Day Murder" (ホワイトデーの殺人, Howaito dē no satsujin)
726. "Miracle Trick" (ミラクルなトリック, Mirakuru na torikku)
727. "Happy White Day" (ハッピーホワイトデー, Happī Howaito Dē)
728. "Air on the G String" (G線上のアリア, Jī senjō no aria)
729. "Genius" (天才, Tensai)
730. "The Secret of the Diary" (日記の秘密, Nikki no himitsu)
731. "Ryöma" (龍馬, "Ryöma"?)
732. "Breakthrough" (突破,Toppa)
733. "The Cleaning" (洗濯,Sentaku)
734. "Demon Dog" (魔犬, Ma Inu)
735: "Vengeful Spirit" (怨霊 ,Onryou)
736: "The Inubushi Family" (犬伏家 ,Inubushi-ke)
737: "Jewel" (玉, Tama)