You see that clearly in every japanese volumes that every creator make's a comment...evenly that of Aoyama is verry intresting mostly he tells about his own life.


Volumes 1 t/m 10Edit

No. About Information
Cover German Cover Aoyama's Comment Back Text
01 165px-Jap Band01 165px-Band01 Hi everybody! My name is Gosho Aoyama.

Even as a child I was completely obsessed with crime novels, and always when I'm in the library a book with the words Holmes or detective spied out, I just could not help but I immediately grab from the shelf. So I walk as in the years swallowed quite a bit of detective stories, and all my knowledge I can feed into this manga to make the cases as tricky as possible. But perhaps there is indeed one or the other readers here before Conan comes on the solution. (Yo, that was just a challenge ...)

02 165px-Jap Band02 165px-Band02 Day, all together, Aoyama is my name.

Lately I'm really addicted to TV crime thrillers, must probably be due to my work on Conan and the search for it. Well, when I look at a thriller, it's usually very entertaining, but at night I can hardly sleep now, I constantly have nightmares of any crime! Even a real dilemma, actually, I'm so busy, I would need a deep and restful sleep ... (* Sniff, Sniff *)

03 165px-Jap Band03 165px-Band03

Day, all together, my name is Aoyama. This football-Conan I owe it that I now how had the World Cup and the "Serie A" on TV look. I've even been thinking to start my own football team. What do you think of FC Conan? But my favorite team is Juventus! (Hau him in, Baggio!)

04 165px-Jap Band04 165px-Band04 Day all together, I am Gosho Aoyama. So there are actually some people who write the good Wotson Watson. Well, at least I knew as a child, that must mean it is right Watson. to see But, as many write the name wrong, that just as they pronounce it, that hurts. I have even been times Puero instead of Poirot seen. only the absence of Homs Holmes, Auweia!
05 165px-Jap Band05 165px-Band05 Good Day here Gosho Aoyama. Hooray, it's so far! The Anime-Conan is coming! Namely: RTL2! Produced by Tokyo Movie Shinsha! And it is broadcast from Monday to Friday! Unfortunately, I have therefore now even more work than usual, I'm not at all more out of my office! Haha, what `s, the work is so fun !!(?)
06 165px-Jap Band06 165px-Band06 Days together, I am `s Gosho Aoyama. I recently bought myself a new computer to work. Of course, a PC 9821 Xt *! He is super fast and smart, a real pleasure to work with it! Hm? Why I've got no MAC? Spins her? A true Japanese buys a 98er! (Real, or ...?) * (Editor's note: A Japanese NEC PC 90 MHZ, about 1996)
07 165px-Jap Band07 165px-Band07 Good Day here is Aoyama. Hurra is via public Conan on TV! He moves, he talks, and even the Song Title is great! I could do for joy capers! I would love me each episode gelümmelt comfortably at home watching TV with a warm blanket on the sofa to see ... But I sit here and draw and draw and cold and cold!
08 165px-Jap Band08 165px-Band08 Day also, as always Gosho Aoyama! Everywhere in the city already hear Christmas music and the people expect the Holy Arbend already with great longing. And me? I'm suffocating in work and have even less time than at the Bon Festival, or New Year's Day. Please, dear Santa Claus! Give me a clone of me!
09 165px-Jap Band09 165px-Band09 Good Day All, I am Gosho Aoyama! Recently, my work thus keeping me busy, I do not find the time, time to go to the movies and I watch a movie. And since there is no video store in my area, I buy video games constantly forced me, but I have really no time. And so the games slowly stacked to the ceiling and I had nothing like this ... Maybe I should shortly open a video store? Haha!
10 165px-Jap Band10 165px-Band10 Even days, Aoyama here! Conan now includes so proud already ten o'clock Volumes! In order to celebrate properly, I missed one character, a presence that has not stopped by in a long time. The speech is from the guy Volume 1, You know? But the best, you make yourselves so that your thoughts as you read, who you might expect for there! Should you read these lines, but only after the cases, which of course makes little sense that I have just written ...

Volumes 11/20Edit

No. About Information
Cover German Cover Aoyama's Comment Backtext
11 165px-Jap Band11 165px-Band11 Good day. Scrolls in, brings in luck! Here again is your Aoyama all soon. Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, Maurice Leblanc, all these big names in crime fiction I have verwurschtelt in "verjapanischter" form for my character - because it is natural, where Ellery Queen abgeblieben is. Well, this name I have saved for a very special character hehehe! Well, of her course, is the question! Finally, it has its appearance in the series! There is no Lower than Rans... Well, yes, but I will not even take the excitement of reading!
12 165px-Jap Band12 165px-Band12 Good Day here Aoyama. From my house, one can see all the fireworks every year on all occasions, so one evening a few Anime voice actor, A couple of directors and a few friends on a few glasses of beer and snacks And looking. Was that a fun evening! Man, why can not every day be a fireworks display? But no wonder, as much work as I have to my ears - there need to begin to fantasize so ...
13 165px-Jap Band13 165px-Band13 Good Day, Aoyama here as always! Thirteen are bold spending it now! And whopping 30 cases have since been employed him! Cruel cases, sad cases, unfortunate cases ... Everything we had, and Conan had it not so easy, and again and again! I'm really glad I'm not a detective! Wait a minute, but at least I think so from me the whole ... Höhöhö!
14 165px-Jap Band14 165px-Band14 Good Day, Aoyama your here! Well, who `s saying then! Finally there is a Conan Film! And a really fine film, it has become, for they have also derived an episode for the final scene, which I wanted to make sure anyway as Manga! In general, they have let me draw the storyboard and all the templates, as well as one or the other scene - well, that's great! So, my dear detective friends: Rushes out into the cinemas and tries to identify which images have not painted and I! Hahaha!
15 165px-Jap Band15 165px-Band15 Hello There, reports at this point, as always your good Aoyama speak out! We have now finally summer, and in summer you just have to get out to the sea! Of course on a beautiful sunny day with lots of blue sky! For ornament, perhaps one or two snow-white clouds, and is the perfect holiday idyll! White, hm ... Was not that something? Oh, right! Damn! The pages of my manuscript is still all white! Well, so much for my little trip to the sea ...
16 165px-Jap Band16 165px-Band16 I greet you! Here, as always your Aoyama! Many fans have asked me when would the two of them are finally over, since I first Conan have begun. Well, the time has come, friends! And I can say is that this volume brings you deep into the small world of yours truly, so enjoy the trip! What? By comparing what I mean? Read the band, then you know who I mean!
17 165px-Jap Band17 165px-Band17 Good Day, here as always your Aoyama! Folks, I'm not bad surprised when I learned that when Midousuji Parade in Osaka the other day a Conan-floats ascended! And not only that, the car was also accompanied by 60 cheering children, all as Conan were dressed! A few colleagues of mine were there, man, I am become as jealous! Well, next year should not be out Conan, I will also be looking as well!
18 165px-Jap Band18 165px-Band18 Day, gentlemen! As always greet you again at this point your Aoyama! Well, you have it you looked at all? (Probably not, or! The Red) The pre-judging the final of the Asian Cup between Japan and Iran, was that exciting! Such an exciting match the course you can not even imagine as a manga artist! And then the long-awaited winning goal by Okano! I tell you that was the first time I've cheered loudly in front of my TV! How is this only when the Cup gets going? In any case, I wish Japan all the best!
19 165px-Jap Band19 165px-Band19 Good Day! As usual, here's a little introduction of your love detective father, uncle Aoyama! Many fans will certainly be pleased that the venue via public views of Tokyo will move to Osaka! Of course, expected Conan and Co. also there again one or the other murder, but not without that they had previously fed still in style! Ah yes, the inspiration I would also like to run to Osaka, and finally I will offer you so authentic reading pleasure, but the trip was for reasons of scheduling then nothing. When drawing, I got really jealous, how can our hero, a local specialty auftafeln after the other ... Unfair!
20 165px-Jap Band20 165px-Band20 I greet you! Here again is your good Aoyama! Hard to believe, however, was: Conan celebrates its 20th Band! And to celebrate this special occasion can even be a old friend look again, but only for a brief moment, because as ever, he disappears just as fast again as he has come! But read for yourself quickly, I will not tell more anyway!

Volumes 21/30Edit

No. About Information
Cover German Cover Aoyama's Comment Volume Text
21 165px-Jap Band21 165px-Band21 Good Day! At this point, as always greets your Aoyama! Fans of Auspruches "which loves to tease to the" full time should get their money! Lastly, our "pair off" Osaka a visit to Tokyo, But not without proper verbal dynamite in his luggage! But the teasing to be postponed, unfortunately, because of course our friends wiedermal makes a corpse a spanner in the works ... Have fun reading!
22 165px-Jap Band22 165px-Band22 Greetings, my friends puzzle, here is your Aoyama again! You will not believe it, but recently I gotten a baseball bat home by mail, signed by the famous Matsui of the Tokyo Giants in person! It was all set for "Gosho Aoyama"! While I'm sitting much too often in the office and have little free time, but if one of the everyday is then sweetened so, we shall know that it's worth it: and should soon be time to make a creative low wide, I need only the bat to swing and even my one crime after another home run successfully! Yeah Yeah Yeah! people how much I would now play a round of baseball ...
23 165px-Jap Band23 165px-Band23 Good Days, writes at this point, as always, your Ayoma. Did you know that Conan now even the police official poster adorns (Editor's note: in Japan.) "Stay away from drugs, kids!" He shouts a cheeky contrary. And among them is still "brings curiosity to the cat and drugs makes you break your body. Once, once is too much!" Curiosity ...? Poison ...? Body making Broken ...? Well, who could embody this Kampan already better than our Conan!
24 165px-Jap Band24 165px-Band24 Day also, it's me again, your Aoyama! It usually takes about six months to appear after the comic strip of the serialized version. So it can happen that way this time adorns the middle of a wintery scene in the spring the cover. The whole course has to do with the fact that our story this time plays in the winter ... Those who inspire all of this can not, which I entfehle easy, either turn up the air conditioning to stop or to read the strip before the open refrigerator! Whether my proposal this faux pas, however, excused?
25 165px-Jap Band25 165px-Band25 Good day too! Here, as always, your reports Aoyama! In the great Conan calendar 2000, Eris Cat two terrific performances, namely in November and in December. She is a cute short hair cat and her name is "Goro". Well, you want to know if ih, who served as an interpretation for the small Goro, you have you still on the Detective Encyclopedia patient in the next volume!
26 165px-Jap Band26 165px-Band26 Ski safe, little mystery fans! So now it was there, the year 2000! Humanity has survived the Y2K problem apparently unscathed, but my computer has played crazy! How else do you explain that our dear Lord High school detective Just as suddenly his primary school clothes hanging on a nail and is again fully in action? Well, we hope only that he had not renewed his Teennager-life is happy too early, for he who laughs last, laughs ... premature!
27 165px-Jap Band27 165px-Band27 Good Day, it greets you as usual, here's your Aoyama! In my Heimatkaff Daieichou have a smooth yet "Conan Bridge" was built! I can tell you, I was very nice of the socks when I heard that. But there really is a beautiful spot with wonderful fresh air, but looking past me, you should one day Japan be. This is certainly a nice respite from all the fictitious murders, all you who need reinziehen because of me forever!
28 165px-Jap Band28 165px-Band28 Hail, crime fans! Here again is your Aoyama. Finally, Conan has conquered Italian soil! No, the story is the following fact: After two tough years, I've indulged myself once again a holiday and went to Venice. In a cute restaurant Cortes Sconta then I asked the chef at a small Conan-portrait with a signature. So if you find time to be in Venice and Said premises should, you can then with some luck a hopeless portrait of Conan spidery see on the wall ... I already had one or two glasses of red wine inside them!
29 165px-Jap Band29 165px-Band29 Hi friends, it greets you back your Aoyama! Believe it or not, but the school which I went as a child, it has actually managed to reach the final elimination rounds for the Japanese school baseball championships! They then have unfortunately lost, but it was a damn exciting game. So, my respect at this point for all involved! Should you make it next year, maybe even in the championship, then I come to your games and promised to fire you! Also haut rein, guys!
30 165px-Jap Band30 165px-Band30 Good day, friends! Your Aoyama greets you! Now you let the time melt in your mouth: By Conan There are by now 30 volumes! That's right, because you just keep the anniversary number in your hands! In order to celebrate properly, I have not let me splash out and recruited a proud workforce to master detectives, which are all parodies of famous character. One such example, Harufumi Mogi is a Parodi to Humphrey Bogart in his role as Philip Marlowe. All others have of course also famous role models, but there must draufkommen you already own. So your brain straining to read ... and have fun!

Volume 31/40Edit

No. About Information
Cover German Cover Aoyama's Comment Volume Text
31 165px-Jap Band31 165px-Band31 A happy hello to this point of your Aoyama! I want to thank you for your great support, which has now led eventually to the fact that we all Conan has received the Shogakukan Manga Award. The evening after the awards ceremony I've even dreamed of Conan, and told him how proud I was of him. And what do you think what he replied to me? He said coolly, that I should think of me kindly in the future even trickier cases, it's also often works with any prices. Well, when I first woke up in sweat, I can tell you ...
32 165px-Jap Band32 165px-Band32 Greetings my dear friends thriller! Here, as always, your Aoyama, should speak up! A large part of this band plays at the Osaka Castle and so I simply made a trip there. When I was in my research for quite some time resided in the stone wall, taking lots of photos shot came, suddenly someone from security staff approached me and asked me what I do here actually. I could not possibly answer, that I intend to make the castle to the backdrop of a bloody series of murders. So I answered him that I was a simple Fotonarr but zusammenzustauchen instead of me, the man smiled kindly and went away. So I must say, the people in Osaka have a refreshingly friendly way!
33 165px-Jap Band33 165px-Band33 Good Day here greets you as always your Aoyama! In the last case of this volume are equal to 58 suspects. And 22 of which are saturated by members of the Shonen SundayComic editors made (Editor's note: The Japanese editors of Conan), At least by name! Now I realize that the case for you, not big exciting beat, but I want the fun and colleagues make this pleasure certainly fail! No offense, therefore, and Dice happy with this volume!
34 165px-Jap Band34 165px-Band34 Good Day, reported here, as always your Aoyama! We finally made it! Conan's adventures lead us to New York! It is this concerns a very important chapter, the background story times pushing back properly. And to the scenes as authentic as possible may resort to, I'm back and I've flown extra scuffed heels. My blood and my sweat I put into this episode, so I hope this will have their fun! Well yes, but strictly speaking, is in this volume only the beginning of the story, it gets really exciting until the next!
35 165px-Jap Band35 165px-Band35 Good Day, even here, as always, your reports Aoyama This time of unusual places, from the penultimate page ;-) So the other day I once again played for the first time after four years of baseball. And I had the honor to train the "White" may not participate, which are indeed led by my idol Tetsuya Chiba. After tens of attempts, I also met the ball and sometimes even before I could have a chat with Chiba, who defended the first base. Once up and running, however it went, I was so out of breath that was not to think of a chat. I advise you, therefore, often times makes sports and not degenerate to such offenders desk as I do. Your body will thank you.
36 165px-Jap Band36 165px-Band36 Good day, there always greets you as your Aoyama! In the New Year celebration of the Tokyo Movie Entertainment this year but I had to actually take the honor of the great Monkey Punch! But as soon as I shake his hand and will be leveraged to manicured conversation, breaks my flat but the front tip from one of my teeth! This did not only hurt, but was still superpeinlich! Finally I can give to the master not the nakedness of a tooth space, and certainly not the annoying fragment Shelling times just quickly from the mouth. While he was so cheerful and happy for me persuaded, comb from my side only scanty grin ... People, I advise you to watch out for your Ways
37 165px-Jap Band37 165px-Band37 Good Day, it greets you at this point, as always, your Aoyama! So soon the World Cup is coming! Even Conan encounters against the hot fever already! Kogoro the other hand, can be cold, the drinks rather hot rice wine. And the good RanWhich is always hot, haha! And me? I have so much to do, I do only gonna be a packaged soup hot. But enough of the tepid puns intended you are quite hot on the band! So, have fun and Dice tenterhooks!
38 165px-Jap Band38 165px-Band38 Good day, it greets you once again your Aoyama! If you are wondering what Conan cowboy presentation on the cover should ... I've adapted from the wrestler Stan Hansen, of which I was a student a huge fan! With this costume, he has always had the ring in the Japanese League insecure and I have missed any of his appearances!
39 165px-Jap Band39 165px-Band39 Good day, it greets you as always at this point your Aoyama! When I worked on the case with the series of fires in this volume, I heard as an assistant said: "Ran knows, therefore, made with Chinese history? yes the girl has quite unusual interests ... "That hit me like a blow, I always thought that Chinese history is both young and old of the runaway success and almost everyone knew all about it! Well, it is in my office, including I have just quite a lot of history fanatic, so it can be, that I see a little glorified ... Anyway, the Chinese story is really super exciting ", I can only recommend any of my readers, try to time with a book on this subject!
40 165px-Jap Band40 165px-Band40 Good Day, reported here, as always your Aoyama! Finally, the time was ripe to reveal the first love of the professor! To be honest, I've had the story come up before quite a long time, but I wanted to be sure that they fit thematically appear in the fall, and could set the timing just never put it down on paper to the past. So that's only now in Volume 40! One or two may perhaps feel as Wiederspruch certain that the real difficult puzzle code had been devised by a child should, but hey, so what is covered by artistic freedom ...

Volume 41/50Edit

No. About Information
Cover German Cover Aoyama's Comment Volume Text
41 165px-Jap Band41 165px-Band41 Good day, is writing again your Aoyama The figure on the back cover this time is no less than Akemi Miyano! So there had to band 40 are over, so they finally get their appearance in the keyhole. This can only congratulate her! Or not ...? How can it really be that an important supporting character as it is only now gets her portrait, but where else was allowed to peek through the keyhole, Dick and Harry, you ask? Well, good question ... OK, I admit it, I've just forgotten until now! Haha, no, of course not. The time was just ripe, friends!
42 165px-Jap Band42 165px-Band42 Day together! It greets you as usual, here's your Aoyama! Did you actually know that Conan is now to be even broadcast on American television? Not only our pride Matsui baseball, but Conan is now an export hit, haha! The series is called there, "Case Closed". But hang on, friends ... all the Japanese puns that also have ever been subject to some mystery code, the whole murder tricks that are based on Japanese cultural aspects, the translators will smash their hands over their heads! And if despite all efforts, the western reader is not yet something remains hidden? Oh, what do I care! Is not my problem, haha!
43 165px-Jap Band43 165px-Band43 Greetings friends! Here, as always, your reports Aoyama! I'm after three years again indulged myself in a bit of leave and in these New York spent, where I watched a baseball game the Yankees! Of course, I was particularly eager to see how our good beats so Matsui, and beaten, he has, I can tell you! Namely, a juicy home run! Oh, I wish this wonderful moment had lasted forever, but unfortunately was not only this but also the whole holiday weeks quickly passed and was waiting at home already working on me. But at least stood by the story in Kishi stadium, I could rüberretten a piece of my vacation in the everyday life!
44 165px-Jap Band44 165px-Band44 Good Day, again from the end of the manga Thanks to your active support, the recent Conan volumes Meanwhile the stellar sales barrier of 100 million pieces broken (at least in Japan)! What a great popular success was, of course, would be celebrated, the publisher threw a party of special class and I was moved to tears. On that occasion I said then someone would sell all stacked Conan together, we reach the height of Mount Everest 170fache and 400 times the height of Mount Fuji - a smooth, stays the spit! Actually, I had but a comparison with Godzilla more interested in the fact I would have imagined a lot more plastic. (Haha)!
45 165px-Jap Band45 165px-Band45 Good Day, here as always your Aoyama Recently I bought a DVD recorder, you do not want to lag behind the time forever. Such a right with the disk space. So, I take on without inhibitions all that interested me in the slightest, but what I would have been too bad so far videocassettes. But now I noticed recently that the hard disk is almost full and only two hours to have room! Hmm, but ultimately it is so, whether on tape or hard drive, one way or the other should only include items that are interested not only in the remotest one, but also real. What an insight!
46 165px-Jap Band46 165px-Band46 Good Day, salute it, as always, your Aoyama Once again I've lost a post crown, and I'm the dentist can make a night brace. He said I would probably exert a considerable pressure constantly on my back teeth. As I pondered whether I have to live for so much stress in my that I am always the back teeth bite together, I found myself, as I vigorously the back teeth bite together ... No, it has no future! I should make time an anti-stress therapy! * Haha! *
47 165px-Jap Band47 165px-Band47 Good day, friends! Here write your Aoyama! Have you followed the Olympic Games in Athens? I was all excited because Japan a gold medal has been run by one! Has most impressed me is the baseball ace Matsuzaka! Although he had sustained the full force of a ball on the right arm, he gritted his teeth together and still put a lot of incredible throws down! So I think as much sporting spirit and sacrifice deserves its own gold medal!
48 165px-Jap Band48 165px-Band48 Good day, Detective friends, is writing, as always, your Aoyama! Lately I'm really hooked on the U.S. television series "24". The developments are really a no respite and it sticks completely stressed out, tense and annoyed before the telly! And since I will always know how it goes, it always degenerates totally and I pull out a whole season in one piece comes in - 24 hours without food or sleep! Clearly, then stops the work a full day. My recommendation is the 2nd Season that you can look at still more or less without heart Kasper!
49 165px-Jap Band49 165px-Band49 Good day, it greets you as always at this point your Aoyama! Believe it or not, but I'm not getting any younger and recently plagued me quite Rückenschmerzen.Also I decided to buy me a massage chair! There is nothing better than to take a bath after work to slip into his pajamas and then let go in the massage chair! With so much re-fueled, power can be elated to work the next day drauflos ... drive up the back pain one evening back in the chair!
50 165px-Jap Band50 165px-Band50 Here write your Aoyama, I greet you as always at this point! Now it has finally arrived, the fiftieth band is here! In order to thank you all for the unprecedented fidelity, I chat a little time out of school and present to you an episode from Shinichis and Heijis time at the school. But unfortunately I have presented the far too easy, because I could not as well as remember my own time at the school and therefore there was a lack of inspiration for me and my two heroes! I tell you, with 42 years seems a great many things back for ages ...

Volumes 51/68Edit

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Cover German Cover Aoyama's Comment Volume Backtext
51 165px-Jap Band51 165px-Band51 Here write your Aoyama, I greet you as always at this point! For the wedding I have given my assistants and friends, a cat. The race is "hear Russian Blue," and she does the name "Kaito". What? Why did not they "called Conan"? Well, my wife insisted that she was already Conan. In any case, I'm now full house ...
52 165px-Jap Band52 165px-Band52 Good day, writes here, as always, your Aoyama! The character in the keyhole on the back cover this time the Grandmother of Inspector Yamamura! This is by no means a key player, but I have to celebrate the tenth Conan Films drawn somewhere and wanted to bring a well-hidden appearance. But then I liked it so much that it has managed to smooth the return envelope! In the comic, it also exists a small but delightful appearance! Have fun with it! ))
53 165px-Jap Band53 165px-Band53 Good day, is writing again your Aoyama! I'm five months diet! I try with my favorite dishes (pork chop, fried food and chocolate) to restrict something, and bumpkin down hard on the exercise bike - until now only five pounds! When I recently was at home with my parents, it also meant I was no longer even as thick as before. Full of pride, I returned to the big city. As a reward, I had to treat me at the airport the same time a delicious curry with extra meat, which tasted! ... Oops!
54 165px-Jap Band54 165px-Band54 Good day, here as always writes Aoyama! Finally, it is so far and there is a contest of the best high school detectives, in the style of the legendary Koshien baseball tournament! I mean, take the four best young detectives from North, East, South and West against each other in Japan! Tani my assistant told me five years ago that the times would be a great story! Or is it even longer ago ...? Well, good things really well to those who wait! Anyway, I hope you like this case in a locked roomWho plays this time on an uninhabited island. However, I must add that there is the resolution of the case until the next band ...
55 165px-Jap Band55 165px-Band55 Hello, here again your Aoyama! Among the many letters from readers, many voices are always loud, the Rans Shinichis and escapades as primary school students see the Future I was so excited by the idea itself, that I now actually have to get carried away! And in the truest sense of the word mastermind behind this episode is the one person that is trying to open on the return envelope so boldly with a piece of wire, the castle! So be eagerly!
56 165px-Jap Band56 165px-Band56 Good day, here reported again Aoyama to your word! Lately, I use the stairs to the studio to go into the house, but after that I feel always so wobbly on his feet. Probably I'm just reviewed, I think, and when I see it in the mirror, I notice in my three-day beard single white beard stubble. Will I be as old? Impossible! My Back is after the just at my lack of sports! (As if there's to conclude there was great, haha!)
57 165px-Jap Band57 165px-Band57 Good day, is writing again your Aoyama! The Conan Movie this year is about pirates! When I think back, I'll have time one part of the background for "Pirates of the Caribbean" painted in Tokyo Disneyland, in my part-time job at the art college. Uh, what is the brick pattern of the city, ravaged by the pirates, right after the appearance of the pirate ship! Watch it next time on it. But as dark as it is there you will probably before can hardly see what ...
58 165px-Jap Band58 165px-Band58 Good day, here again your logs Aoyama! appears in this volume of FBI Agent Andre Camel for the first time! His name is inspired by "Mobile Suit Gundam," I saw him leaning on Captain Dren, the adjutant of Commandant "Red Comet" Char Anzable and the commander of the Camel's fleet. Why does the name mean? Well, as you can so you can go through your mind when reading ... Have fun pondering!
59 165px-Jap Band59 165px-Band59 Hello is writing again your Aoyama! This winter seems indeed again a live-action series to Conan in the (Japanese) TV! And mainly it is to these issues relate to the confrontation with the black organization! Naturally I was immediately full of energy and I am approached with their own ideas to the producers ... now and must say in all modesty, that is a pretty successful business! But of course, is all thanks to the screenplay Autore Watanabe, who then implemented my ideas completely!
60 165px-Jap Band60 165px-Band60 Good day, here Aoyama raises once again the voice! Since my left cheek was affected by tooth decay, I'm at the dentist more often lately. Tells me I should not chew with the left side as possible until the artificial tooth is inserted. That I consider myself well and chew with only right - but has now suddenly the post crown, which I have had for some time begun to wobble. The result is that I now eat less and have already lost a few pounds so! But perhaps I was supposed to be happy about it? ... Am I somehow not! (Haha)
61 165px-Jap Band61 165px-Band61 Good day, your writing here again Gosho Aoyama! Yesterday I with Seimaru Amagi, author of "Shonen no Jikenbo Aichi child", and Fumiya Sato, the illustrator of the manga, made. I was alone and they were together, that made me pretty nervous. You have me covered with questions and I was at first somewhat at a loss, but both were totally candid and funny, so I quickly had my fun. If you want to know exactly should buy the first issue of "Conan and child Aichi Maganzine" (unfortunately only in Japan - editor)! Oh dear now I have never done advertising!
62 165px-Jap Band62 165px-Band62 Hello Hello , Gosho Aoyama here! Recently I bought a new phone! When the seller then came to speak to the fact that the fees be significantly cheaper depending on the contract can, of course I wanted to know more. While he patiently explained everything to me so, he also considered how much I had spent the last month - a whole 16 yen! So I then fell into the group "Extreme-rare-phone users, and can pay in any of his contract talk with me. But good that we have clarified the times! (Haha!)
63 165px-Jap Band63 165px-Band63 Hello, here again warm words from your Aoyama! The research for this volume, I visited a Rotary Sushi Restaurant. When I told my editor in chief of it, saying that while I was long gone in the restaurant, but I have tasted very good, then he took me into the restaurant "Kyubee" with the Ginza Street. I tell you, there was the sushi might tasty! When he showed me the bill then, laughing, but I knew why ...!
64 165px-Jap Band64 165px-Band64 Good day, is writing your Aoyama! After the publisher had insisted that I have to endure the annual health check on me. When I was a couple of pretty nurses first by an examination room to the next argued that the world was still in order ... But in the end I had to swallow a Valium tablet, there's a decency investigation stomach! And then I was still on the table rotated back and forth, that I was almost sick, and I could belch during the investigation in any case, the doctor ...! A nightmare! But in the end I can be well pleased that with me nothing alarming was found, so I'm officially healthy!
65 165px-Jap Band65 165px-Band65 Good day, you hear here, as always, your Aoyama! So I like Ichiro Suzuki actually not much. He is without doubt a great baseball player, but to me it comes from something imagined and then keep these jokes, almost, so he wanted to ingratiate himself with everyone and be popular. But then his performance in the wide World Baseball Classic, unbelievable! His impact in the first half of the tenth inning, almost as if the legendary Nagashima returned! What a glorious victory for Japan! So, Ichiro, make your jokes now quiet and give a bit of, I'm now a fan and let you pass please.
66 165px-Jap Band66 165px-Band66 Good day, is writing again your Aoyama! To make me a new pair of glasses, I have for the first time the optician at my equal visited around the corner. While I tried out a few frames, the seller said it plain to me, how about with glasses in the Conan-style, but just the adult edition. Since i had to grin and thought, if she knew that I am the author of Conan. But suddenly she revealed to me that she is a fan of Yaiba, my older series! My goodness, she had me, then realized that!
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